Many believe we can work better with less pressure – and they are wrong. When there is no pressure, we tend to procrastinate – and don’t get it done. We also produce less quality work. IT IS WHEN WE HAVE LESS PRESSURE THAT WE MUST CREATE MORE PRESSURE TO GET THE JOB DONE. Like setting deadlines and priorities.

When we are pressured, we tend to rush, not sleep well, pressure ourselves even more, and we are wrong. IT IS WHEN WE ARE PRESSURED THAT WE MUST SLOW DOWN, AND ESTABLISH PRIORITIES.

In either case, establishing priorities is the correct answer. We can then add or reduce pressure by:
a) Allocating time for each priority
b) Catching up over the weekend –
c) See what we cannot deliver and ask for help
d) Move deadlines
e) Inform others waiting for us

Have a hassle free 2018
Thank you.