Considers Consider:
✓ We often wait (sometimes hours) to see our doctor.
✓ Who then spends a few minutes (at best) with us.
✓ Then we pay (usually a tidy sum) and
✓ Although we are the “customer” we wind up saying (usually profusely) “Thank you, thank you, Doctor.”


Because the Doctor is a model of what YOUR service to YOUR clients should be.
➢ Is your advice in demand in your area of expertise?
➢ Have you built up a good reputation?
➢ Can you prevent or solve your clients problems?
➢ Can you relieve “suffering” by providing products and services that meet and exceed expectations?
➢ Do you look for the root cause then test and check?

Be a PRO. Be so good at what you do
such that YOUR customers say “Thank you” to you.