Behind the secret of success delivers a simple but powerful message - People who are going to get ahead in the world are the ones who are motivated enough to control their attitudes. I have seen Ashok personally live the pages of this book over the last decade and half that I have known him. This is impactful "

Vishal Bali
Chairman, Medwell Ventures
Fmr Group CEO, Fortis Healthcare,
Fmr Managing Director, Wockhardt Hospitals

I met Ashok very soon after landing on our shores from Burma then (now Myanmar). Despite being in a new country he easily got very well accepted by the Filipino business community.

A very good friend of mine Tony Mercado Of Publicis introduced him to me and we have been friends ever since. Aside from being a member of Tony's board he was the Founder and Publisher of World Executive Digest!

Since then Ashok has had many other positions. Presently he is Senior Fellow: Centre for Economic and Social Development, Myanmar. Chairman: Advisory Board, Hospital Management Asia and Co-chairman: Asian Publishing Convention.

I could go on and on, but it's his new book I am strongly endorsing.

BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS - The Real Story is a book one has to read to appreciate so I will say no more! You won't be sorry!

Javier J. Calero
Javier J. Calero was the regional Vice President for Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka of J. Walter Thompson and Chairman of Zenith Optimedia. He serves as the Chairman of the Full Circle and is also Adviser of the Global Executives Board

This new book by Ashok Nath is indeed a case of an honest tale speeds best, being plainly told. Secrets of success was never revealed in such easily understandable terms and actions for everyone.

Wilson Chan,
Founding Partner, The Gravitas Partnership
Former CEO, Ammirati Puris Lintas Hong Kong
Fellow member, Hong Kong Institute of Directors

We all aim at being successful. If you think hard work and perseverance will get you there, you are wrong. If you think luck and power will, you are also wrong. This book is aspirational because it believes we can become successful if we understand the triggers and drivers within and around us. The real story is about what we must do to achieve success.

The guidance in this book offers us a compass for thoughts and of actions, including a useful toolkit that creates catalytic impact in our journey to success.

Claire Chiang
Co-Founder, Banyan Tree Holdings
Chairperson, National Book Development Council of Singapore
Chairperson, Shirin Fozdar Program, Singapore Management University

BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS – The Real Story is the most insightful analysis of what to do to be successful and how to do it. Moreover, it is fun to read. Don’t not miss it.

It's an exceptional book and I certainly recommend it.

Ashok offers detailed “how to do it" ideas on being successful.
Here’s a book that tells you how it is - why you are not making it and how you can be.
The author offers both tremendous insight as well as providing building blocks on how to be successful and what you need to do.

This is your roadmap to success. Get your copy now.
Ashok has been successful in more ways than one. He clearly knows what he’s talking about. It fits my own thinking. And you are well advised to get a copy.

When other books on success give you inspiration and motivation, Ashok’s book gives you an explanation on what really is behind the secret of success - and how to make it work for you

Jess P. Estanislao,
Good Governance Advocate
Fmr Minister of Finance, Philippines

Ashok Nath in his book BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS - The Real Story tells us what Harvard Business School, Yale Law School and like fountains of higher learning do not teach but what the School of Life has revealed to him and he now shares with us. A must reading for all who crave success.

Andres G. Gatmaitan
Andres G. Gatmaitan at age 23 graduated with a doctorate in law from Yale Law School, was managing partner and CEO of Sycip Salazar Hernandez and Gatmaitan the largest law firm in the Philippines for 18 years, was conferred the outstanding professional award in law by the UP alumni Association in 2006 and was cited as the only Filipino among the 100 most influential legal practitioners across the Asia-Pacific Region by the Asian Legal Business publication that same year

Ashok offers detailed “how to do it" ideas on being successful.

Here’s a book that tells you how it is - why you are not making it and how you can be.

The author offers both tremendous insight as well as providing building blocks on how to be successful and what you need to do.

This is your roadmap to success. Get your copy now.

Richard Ireland
Managing Director,
Clarion Asia

Ashok’s Book is an eye-opener to understanding the secret behind success. His book is full of practical tips and yet easy to understand. If you've been trying hard and not getting there in your career or business, read this book.

Behind the Secret of Success - The Real Story is clear and concise and offers a unique insight into what we need to do to be successful and how to do it. Looks like a best seller in the making.

Dr Lawrence Lai
Honorary Senior Adviser (Q&S),
Hong Kong Hospital Authority.
Former President, Asian Hospital Federation.

I came to know Ashok Nath, the author of “Behind the Secret of Success – The Real Story”, as a younger brother of his elder sister, Sheila Nath and Raj Nath. His father, Uncle Dina Nath was a prominent and prestigious businessman and politician who made his mark helping General Aung San in his struggle and fight for Burma’s independence from the British rule.

Ashok not only succeeded to head several organizations, especially in hospital management regionally, but through his untiring efforts and curiosity as well as his research-mindedness found the secret of success which he is sharing with all who are interested through his book “Behind the Secret of Success – The Real Story” .

That said and while congratulating Ashok for putting in book form the secret of success he found and sharing ite with others, I recommend all those interested to get the book to learn what the author has found and shared “the missing element behind the secret of success.”

U Aye Lwin
Director-General (ASEAN) (Retd)
Chairman, Worldview International Foundation
Charter President, Rotary Club of Yangon.

You NEED NOT be the kind of person who tries but stays in the same place. Read this book

Dr U Myint,
Chief Economic Adviser to (fmr) President Thein Sein

Ashok Nath, a self-made man, is one of the most successful and productive persons that I have come across. His book, BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS, is a must for all those who want to succeed in their career or business.

When I went through Ashok’s book, BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS, I was struck by his pragmatic and specific advice on achieving success in one’s chosen field. I like the way he fuses ancient wisdom with his own ideas and then applies this to our everyday life – the choices we make, the traits we cultivate and the efforts we make to advance our careers or our business.

Ashok’s five building blocks for success can easily be applied to your own life, because they are time-tested approaches to succeeding in career and business. From time to time, I have noticed many of the traits described by Ashok in highly successful people. But it is extremely useful and convenient to have it all come together in one book, distilled and crystallized by Ashok’s experience in going up the success ladder.

The book was a pleasure to read. Ashok is also a lively and engaging writer, especially as he has made education and development his life’s mission. Most importantly, I also learned a lot from it.

You too will benefit from Ashok’s rich experience by reading BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS, and finding out what it takes to be more successful than others.

Try it. You will be glad of having invested your time in reading BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS.

Dr. Yin Yin Nwe
International development consultant,
Chief Education Advisor to President U Thein Sein of Myanmar
The United Nations Children's Fund's first ever female Country Representative in the People's Republic of China and Chairperson of the United Nations Disaster Management Team in China (2006-2011)

Ashok’s Behind the Secret of Success is wisdom code. It earns its place on the management altar of every start-up, or vexed entrepreneur. The formulaic self-help industry churns books. Few embody proven, direct experience, tuned into a system.

His World Executive’s Digest connected us in the 1980s. I was publisher of Asia Magazine. As two Asian regional publishers in a sector dominated by American global media brands and much hype, we shared common cause and insights.

Process discipline was at the core of WED’s consistency. It served Asia’s aspiring executives – gaining an astonishing 80,000 loyal subscribers. Teaching was Ashok’s mission. He was superb at it. Behind the Secret of Success carries his teaching DNA.

I watched Ashok in action over a decade, at conferences. His scouting of venues, planning of exhibition layouts, audience seating, lighting, and speaker panel placement, was meticulous. That forensic attention to detail optimized results every time.

He coached teams to memorize names and faces of speakers and VIPS at every event, in all the capitals he covered. It was relentless, repetitive practice made perfect. Feedback loops were embedded – to anticipate, prevent, and speedily rectify any problem.

All those precious lessons – and more – are distilled into Ashok’s magnum opus. Let him be your coach. Extract value for yourself from his gift.

Cyril Pereira
Media Consultant
Fmr publisher, Asia Magazine &
Ops Director, SCMP, HK

I was under the impression that hard work, continuous improvement, a big idea, perseverance, contacts, or even money would guarantee success. I have been proven wrong by Ashok`s Book. BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS – The Real Story.This book is really a gem as it explains why these traditional ideas alone does not work and shows what in fact does.

If you have been trying hard and not getting there in your career or business, this is the book for you. It is an eye-opener to understanding the secret behind success and anyone who has completed reading this book would be fully equipped and firmly set on the road to success, happiness and certainly wealth.

R. Ramachandran
Executive Director
National Book Development Council of Singapore

Very many work extremely hard, and yet never make it. Many others have a great idea, raise sufficient funding and persevere but still they do not make it. Hard work, ideas, capital and perseverance are not enough to succeed.

BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS – The Real Story is an eye-opener to understanding the secret behind success. If you have been trying hard and not getting there in your career or business, reading this book will give you insights that can make a difference.

There are many book describing successful business people but most often are not applicable to the specific situation the reader is in. Ashok NATH book is not only pleasant to read but it is providing a compass that anyone can use and find a way toward better success.

Eric de Roodenbeke, PhD
International Hospital Federation

Having seen Ashok’s success over so many years, it was a great steal to peep into his mind through this book, which tells you why conventional success factors are not enough for stupendous success. And even if you are an achiever, then you learn how to make it faster. And all this in a very simple language, as if your inner voice speaks, enabling you to internalize all the wisdom. A must read for its tools and tips, best gift to your employees!

Amitabh Saxena
CEO, Anexas Group of companies
Lean and Six sigma Guru
Fr Head - Lean Six Sigma Advisory Services, KPMG

This is wisdom par excellence! I have spent over thirty years assigned to transforming business operations in distress for fortune 500 companies and as faculty at premier business schools teaching business excellence to E.M.B.A. & MBA students. How I wish I had Ashok’s “ Behind the Secret of Success” publication to hand at these times. If I have any criticism of the book, It’s a bit too short and has left me wanting much more! Ashok, when is the sequel coming?

Gordon John Stevenson
Business Excellence, Program Director-Premier Business Schools.
Award Winning Author (Confronting Conformance)
ASEAN Best Executive Award Winner.
Chairman- Board of Advisors. (Foreign University)
Business Excellence Consultant.

A detailed composition of extensive experiences accumulated over the years, shared by the been-everywhere done-everything master entrepreneur himself, this book will benefit those working towards sustainable success on a career in any field. Highly recommended.

Sumate Sudasna
President: Thailand Incentive and Convention Association
Founder & Managing Director: CDM - Conference & Destination Management

For decades Myanmar’s reputation has been sullied by its apparent lack of success in many areas. Meanwhile, Ashok, a product of Myanmar’s much maligned education system and hailing from a distinguished line of a successful business family has come up with an outstanding recipe for ‘success’. In a short succinct manner, Ashok offers detailed “how to do it" ideas on being successful.

He tells you how it is - why you are not making it and how you can be.
The book offers not only inspiration and motivation but also provides building blocks on how to be successful and what you need to do."

Dr. Tin Maung Maung Than
Vice Chairman,
Board of Directors
Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD)

BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS – The Real Story is a very useful book that every entrepreneur should read. The author has shared his accumulated knowledge and experience and shares the building blocks of success. Business owners, managers could find their stories in the book. This book will definitely give you a very interesting secret of success. Business people, particularly start-up should not hesitate to read through!

Nguyen Trung Thang, Ph.D
Chairman of Masso Group

This book is arguably the definitive handbook for success in your life, career or business

In BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS – The Real Story, Ashok consistently offers insightful and specific answers to what it takes to be successful. And it is not what you think.

There are many books in the market about success, motivation, leadership and achievement. But there is none that is as insightful and helpful as this one.
A quick and insightful read. Tips and building blocks for success galore.

Steven Yeo
CEO & Founder
TalentGrid Ventures Pte Ltd, Singapore
Innovating Care Asia Pacific