About The Author

Ashok Nath was born and raised in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and educated at the Rangoon Institute of Economics. He graduated first in his class in 1962.

He married Melva Cruz, a Filipina, in 1970 and moved to Manila the same year. In Manila he founded (among others) Executive Suite, a popular managers’ habitat for the upwardly mobile, and World Executive’s Digest, featuring monthly condensations of the best management articles from around the world.

In 1997 Ashok launched Exedra Events, which has organized and managed industry leading events and award programs in Asia. In November 2013 the Global Conference Network awarded Exedra Events’ Hospital Management Asia as BEST MANAGED EVENT in Asia and a special mention as BEST LARGE-SCALE EVENT in the world.

Ashok is also a senior fellow at the Centre for Economic and Social Development in Myanmar, and sits on the advisory board of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore.

Ashok and Melva live in Makati, Philippines and have a daughter, Kimi, and two grandchildren, Raphael and Calista.

"this book is an invitation from Ashok to be successful in your career or business”