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About the Author

Ashok Nath was born and raised in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and educated at the Rangoon Institute of Economics. He graduated first in his class in 1962.

He married Melva Cruz, a Filipina, in 1970 and moved to Manila the same year.

In Manila he founded (among others) Executive Suite, a popular managers’ habitat for the upwardly mobile, and World Executive’s Digest, featuring monthly condensations of the best management articles from around the world.

In 1997 Ashok launched Exedra Events, which has organized and managed industry leading events and award programs in Asia. In November 2013 the Global Conference Network awarded Exedra Events’ Hospital Management Asia as BEST MANAGED EVENT in Asia and a special mention as BEST LARGE-SCALE EVENT in the world.

Ashok is also a senior fellow at the Centre for Economic and Social Development in Myanmar, and sits on the advisory board of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore.

Ashok and Melva live in Makati, Philippines and have a daughter, Kimi, and two grandchildren, Raphael and Calista.

"this book is an invitation from Ashok to be successful in your career or business”

What Others are Saying


Behind the secret of success delivers a simple but powerful message - People who are going to get ahead in the world are the ones who are motivated enough to control their attitudes. I have seen Ashok personally live the pages of this book over the last decade and half that I have known him. This is impactful "

Vishal Bali
Chairman, Medwell Ventures
Fmr Group CEO, Fortis Healthcare,
Fmr Managing Director, Wockhardt Hospitals

I met Ashok very soon after landing on our shores from Burma then (now Myanmar). Despite being in a new country he easily got very well accepted by the Filipino business community.

A very good friend of mine Tony Mercado Of Publicis introduced him to me and we have been friends ever since. Aside from being a member of Tony's board he was the Founder and Publisher of World Executive Digest!

Since then Ashok has had many other positions. Presently he is Senior Fellow: Centre for Economic and Social Development, Myanmar. Chairman: Advisory Board, Hospital Management Asia and Co-chairman: Asian Publishing Convention.

I could go on and on, but it's his new book I am strongly endorsing.

BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS - The Real Story is a book one has to read to appreciate so I will say no more! You won't be sorry!

Javier J. Calero
Javier J. Calero was the regional Vice President for Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka of J. Walter Thompson and Chairman of Zenith Optimedia. He serves as the Chairman of the Full Circle and is also Adviser of the Global Executives Board

This new book by Ashok Nath is indeed a case of an honest tale speeds best, being plainly told. Secrets of success was never revealed in such easily understandable terms and actions for everyone.

Wilson Chan,
Founding Partner, The Gravitas Partnership
Former CEO, Ammirati Puris Lintas Hong Kong
Fellow member, Hong Kong Institute of Directors

About the Book

There are many of us who work very hard and are not “successful”. So working hard cannot be the secret of success. Many have a big idea and generate sufficient capital but still don't succeed. Still others set goals and persevere, and success still eludes them. Others do all of the above, still… So many work so hard, yet so few succeed.

The secret of success tells you what you need to do to be successful. The secret behind the secret of success tells you how.

Discover what’s behind the secret of success make it work for you!

Is this book for you?

  • Are you at the threshold of a career, armed with a good education, hard and soft skills and exceptional talent, but can’t get a foothold in the workplace?
  • Are you still not getting ahead in your profession despite years of experience in your field of expertise?
  • Are you running your own business, working 24/7, but still struggling to make a mark in your industry?
  • Are you an older worker with nothing to show for the number of years you have worked?
  • Are you giving it your all and still not achieving desired results?
  • Do you feel you're not really cut out to be hugely successful?

If your answer is yes, this book is for you.

In spite of a whole lot of literature on success, it is still elusive to most - and it will always be.

This is true whether you are working hard at a job or career, practicing a profession, or building your own business. How often have you heard a truly competent person say that he or she is working long hours, focused on challenging goals?

This book explains why all the usual advice to succeed, excellent advice no doubt, do not work for most. But take heart.

This book is for people in the workplace, self-employed professionals and business owners in search of a path to success.

“It is also for all those who don’t think they can be really successful, because they can be.” Author

I am putting the choice of how successful you want to be in your hands.

This is not a motivational book. Neither is it a prayer book, “develop-a-good-mental-attitude” book nor a “what-successful-people-do” book. It is also not an attitudinal or aspirational book.

Through this book, you will understand the secret behind success and what you can do to claim it for yourself. I am sharing with you the secret truths that are sufficient to earn success, and the tools and techniques that will actually get you there. Success will no longer be the unreachable star only a few can achieve.

The choice is yours.