Behind The Secret Of Success (eBook)

$ 7.99

A tell-it-like-it-is, easy to read narrative of the truth behind success and the building blocks to help you achieve it in your career, profession or business.

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The book demonstrates why hard work, continuous improvement, a big idea, perseverance, contacts, or even money, do not guarantee success. It then reveals what does!

Imagine what you could do if you knew why so many try so hard, yet so few succeed.

Through this book, you will discover what lies BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS and make it work for you! You will get the building blocks to be successful in your career or business. Success will no longer be the unreachable star only a few can achieve.

This book is for people in the workplace, self-employed professionals and small business owners in search of a path to success. “It is also for all those who don’t think they can be really successful, because they can be.”

BEHIND THE SECRET OF SUCCESS – The Real Story puts the choice of how successful you want to be in your hands.

The choice is yours.